Do you have a car that’s no longer roadworthy taking up valuable real estate in your garage or driveway? Scrapping it – in other words, having it dismantled and its components recycled – can be a budget-wise and environmentally-friendly choice.

Metal is an excellent resource to recycle. Not everyone knows about the process of metal recycling, but scrap yards quite literally make it their business to understand how to prepare and preserve this resource.

If you need the job done right, work with us. Scrapping cars is our business, but it’s more than a living for us. Being intentional about reusing the things we can conserves existing resources and reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. It also creates jobs in the recycling industry, which can boost the economy. So what some consider merely a convenient way to dispose of a car that’s outlived its usefulness actually benefits the environment and community – and puts some cash in your pocket as well!

What’s the Car Scrapping Process Like?

How exactly should a customer go about scrapping a car? As scrap metal recyclers, we can tell you a little about our procedure. You’ll notice that there are some ways you can prepare your vehicle that will increase the amount of money you receive for it.

  1. a white scrap car with no wheels sitting in front of a wall of crunched up carsOne way to prepare your vehicle for scrapping is by creating a cut-out in the fuel tank. A hole at least the size of a softball should be made in the bottom center of the fuel tank. If you can’t do this before arriving, we have the ability to do it on site for a fee.
  2. Another way to prepare involves the vehicle’s tires. Whether tires should be removed before arrival or not will be affected by vehicle weight. Vehicles under a ton may arrive with four (or fewer) tires attached with no deduction from what you receive for the car, but heavier vehicles must have tires removed. If they aren’t removed, we can help for a fee. We do this by cutting them and sending them home with you for you to dispose of, or we can dispose of them.
  3. When you bring your vehicle in, be certain that it’s ready to go and that you’ve already removed everything you want to keep. Once the car has arrived on our premises, no additional work may be done to it.

Otherwise, (sometimes for a cost) we can help you with all of these tasks if you prefer the convenience of having it handled with our assistance after your vehicle arrives.

Can I Scrap My Car Without a Title?

If you want to scrap your car, be sure to bring your ownership documents with you. Think about it: technically, this is a transfer of ownership. The vehicle leaves your ownership as you authorize us to possess and scrap it, recycling its useful components. A scrapyard will need to verify that the vehicle you’ve brought in to scrap legally belongs to you – and that you are willingly giving it up to us – so you’ll need to present some proof of ownership.

All that said, the official requirements for scrapping a car without a title can vary according to local requirements and depending on factors such as the vehicle’s age and roadworthiness. When working with us at Harmon Scrap Metal, any vehicle newer than twelve years old will require a title if you want us to scrap it.

Is your vehicle older than twelve years? Bring the title if you have it. If you don’t, we’ll record the vehicle’s VIN number and have you sign a Vehicle Agreement Form. This transaction will then be reported to the state, as scrap yards work closely with the state to help safeguard the integrity of the process.

Can’t find your title? If you need your title, but have misplaced it, you may be able to apply for a replacement with your local DMV if you can submit proof that you own the vehicle. We recommend reaching out them with questions about this process.

How Much Is a Scrap Car Worth?

So, here’s what everyone really wants to know… How much am I getting for my vehicle? The amount you can receive when scrapping your car is dependent on a variety of factors, such as:

  • a stack of scrap cars with a red one on the bottom, white one in the middle, and orange one on topWeight. Why is a heavier vehicle likely to yield a higher payback? Not necessarily because of the weight itself, but because of what it indicates. More substantial vehicles generally contain greater amounts of recyclable material.
  • Market prices. The market demand for recycled materials such as steel, aluminum, and copper fluctuate and can influence the value of a scrap vehicle.
  • Vehicle condition. Yes, weight is a significant factor in the value of your car. But it’s not everything. How much cash you end up taking home can also be impacted by the vehicle’s condition. Cars in better condition may have more salvageable parts, increasing their overall worth.

Contact Us With Questions

Still confused on the process or have any additional questions? The best way to learn about the current worth of your scrap car – or get answers to any other thing you want to know about scrapping a vehicle – is by contacting us. Getting a quote is as simple as sending a text, and our friendly, community-conscious team is always happy to guide you in the process of recycling your car.

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