Metal is a necessary and ubiquitous part of our daily life as it is found in everything from our kitchen appliances to our lawn care equipment to the vehicles we drive every day – it can even be found in our computers and our furniture.

It’s a crucial component in our lives and our mastery over it continues to drive us forward in technology and culture. However, like so many natural things that we use, metal can also create unnecessary waste if not handled properly once we’re through using it.

What Is Scrap Metal?

a pile of shiny pieces of scrap metalScrap metal is the leftover metal found in the things that we are no longer putting to use. Scrap metal consists of any metallic objects that are capable of being recycled, and whether it’s car parts, professional grade equipment, or your toaster, this recyclable metal carries with it extreme value.

The bad new is that scrap metal can cause a lot of harm to our environment and consume a lot of space in our landfills if we don’t dispose of it properly. Fortunately, scrap metal can be recycled and used over and over again, eliminating these potential issues.

Scrap metal is categorized in two ways: ferrous and non-ferrous. Ferrous metals contain iron while non-ferrous metals do not have iron. This distinction gives the two contrasting types of metal very different properties and allows them to be of use in diverse ways. Both types of metal have a plethora of purposes and are able to be recycled.

If you’re in Cornersville, Columbia, or anywhere else nearby, Harmon Scrap Metal is your best resource for turning the things you no longer use or need into useful parts for things others might find a purpose for. Remember – even things that might seem like trash can still hold plenty of value if they’re recycling right.

What Are the Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal?

There are a lot of different reasons that recycling scrap metal can be beneficial, not only for the world, but for your personal benefit, as well. Harmon Scrap Metal is community-minded and focused on conservation – which is why we want you to know the wonderful things that can be gained for our community and for our environment by always recycling your scrap metal.

♻️ Recycling scrap metal creates jobs.

a yellow crane picking up scrap metal in a junkyardBecause metal is found in so many different consumer goods, scrap metal adds to production of those goods. The more recycled metal that re-enters the market, the more people that are needed to manufacture, sort, package, sell, deliver, and keep those goods available for your community. This means more jobs available for more people.

This contributes to a healthier economy which in turns creates lower crime rates, lower poverty rates, and a stronger community.

♻️ Recycling scrap metal reduces landfill waste.

There is limited space in a community and a strong community wants to use that space for things like houses, businesses, parks, and entertainment. Every acre of land used for the disposing of waste is one less acre used for things that make a community healthy.

Metal doesn’t just erode and disappear. In fact, a buried piece of manufactured metal can stay in the ground for many lifetimes, sticking around long after we are gone. This means that when metal is disposed of and not recycled it takes up permanent room in our landfills. Recycling scrap metal keeps metal out of the landfill.

♻️ Recycling scrap metal preserves natural habitats.

When metals are reused it means there is less of a need to mine more metal or cut down more trees. When forests and mountains are stripped of their natural resources in order to provide products it can destroy the natural habitats of many animals and organisms. 

Improperly disposed of metals also tend to find their way into habitats like rivers and oceans. The density of metals that make up much of this scrap can poison the environment and create an uninhabitable area for fish and other animals that rely on clean water.

♻️ Recycling scrap metal lowers energy use.

It takes a lot of energy to extract metal from the earth, refine it, and turn it into usable products. When we recycle scrap metal, it makes it less necessary to go through the many processes that get metal from the ground and into your cars and kitchens. This means we use less fossil fuel and conserve more energy.

♻️ Recycling scrap metal can earn you money.

Because metal is such a necessary part of our daily life, it has monetary value. Scrap metal carries this value with it – meaning that if you have products that are no longer serving you in a meaningful way, recycling it can earn you some extra dough. 

When you bring it to Harmon Scrap Metal to be recycled you will receive payment according to its value. In this sense, recycling your scrap metal is a no-brainer.

Recycle With Us Today

Recycling scrap metal can contribute to a healthier community, a healthier environment, and a healthier bank account. Harmon Scrap Metal is a family-owned business that loves our community, and we make it easy to recycle your scrap metal.

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