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Recycling safely and efficiently is our goal. If you live or work in Murfreesboro, Battleground Estates, Scotland Acres, Greenbriar, Glaze, Haynes Haven, McFarlin, Yearwood Addition, Northpointe Hall, Ravenwood, Park Manor, Lewisburg, Lawrenceburg, or anywhere else in the area, trust in us.

We’re all about promoting the importance of recycling and preserving Mother Earth, and we love taking all the materials we can from those living and working in our service area. That said, there are some items we can’t take due to legal restrictions, safety hazards, and the risk of contamination.

What Items Can’t Be Recycled By Us?

  • Tires: Tires can’t be melted down, which means that they can’t be reformed into new materials.
  • Ammunition, firearms, and other explosive materials: These items are too dangerous to be recycled by someone who isn’t specifically trained to do so.
  • Garbage, rags, paper, glass, wood, dirt, concrete, and other debris: The biggest risk with these items is the contamination of other materials. Some are challenging to recycle safely as well.
  • PCB’s, capacitors, or fluorescent tubes: These should be taken to a place that specializes in recycling electronics properly, since they contain potentially toxic/hazardous materials.
  • Microwaves: Like electronics, microwaves should be taken to a place that specializes in properly and safely removing any toxins before they are recycled.
  • Televisions: Televisions contain hazardous materials that need to be disposed of in a particular way, otherwise people and the environment can be harmed. This isn’t something we specialize in.
  • Beer Kegs: It’s a sad fact that, while beer kegs can be recycled, most are obtained through theft from breweries, bars, and taverns. To discourage this, we no longer accept kegs.
  • Freon: Freon should be disposed of by a certified HVAC tech. They can do so properly, so that the materials don’t have a negative effect on the environment.
  • Acetylene tanks: These tanks are pressurized, which can create hazards, and they pose other threats, like contamination as well.
  • Radioactive/Toxic Materials: Like many of the materials above, these can pose threats when not handled correctly. For that reason, we choose not to put our staff and customers at risk.

In the end, safety is something we prioritize, and these materials could endanger both the staff we employ and the customers on site. We appreciate your understanding!

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