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We recycle copper and lots of other non-ferrous metals here at Harmon Scrap Metal. If you live in or near Lawrenceburg, Belmont, Clearview Heights, Meadowview, Hickory Heights, Hood Lake, Mars Hill, Fayetteville, Franklin, Dunn, Flatwoods, Gandy, Gum Springs, or New Prospect, reach out today.

Copper has been around for centuries, and its rarity makes it a valuable commodity in the recycling world. There are lots of reasons to bring your copper scrap in to the crew here at Harmon Scrap Metal. Stop by or reach out to us today!

Benefits of Recycling Copper

Why should you recycle your copper?

  • It’s worth more. Copper is a non-ferrous metal, which typically means it has more value – and you’ll be going home with a nice chunk of change.
  • It’s good for the economy. Recycling copper is less expensive than finding and refining it. Which means reusing it helps keep products made from copper (like plumbing equipment, electrical cables, and more) at a lower price point.
  • It’s good for the environment. Copper is a natural resource that contributes to the wellbeing and health of various plants and animals. That means keeping some in the environment is important. The more we can recycle, the less we need to mine up.
  • It reduces landfill waste. As with other recycled materials, recycling copper means less of it is being thrown into landfills.

We Meet the Recycling Needs of Individuals & Businesses

We’re here to meet the recycling needs of people living and working in Huntsville, Ardmore, Lewisburg, Rossboro, Ethridge, Seven, Leoma, Park Grove, New Prospect, and all of the towns and cities surrounding. If you’re looking to learn more, reach out or click one of the buttons below.

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