Huntsville Depends on Harmon Scrap Metal for Recycling Ferrous Metals

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It’d be rare to go a day without some type of interaction with a ferrous metal. Many of the things we use every day are made from it – like refrigerators, cars, ovens, dishwashers, and more – and most buildings and structures are too. 

Because of this, recycling ferrous metals for other purposes makes a big impact on the environment and economy – and we’re happy to play a part in this process.

What Does Ferrous Mean?

What does it mean if a metal is ferrous? A ferrous metal is one that contains iron. 

The ferrous metals we most often see are steel, cast iron, and wrought iron, but steel (both carbon and stainless) is the most common to be recycled. Ferrous metals are known for their strength and durability and, as we said above, for being widely used for buildings, household appliances, and countless other products.

How Do I Recycle Ferrous Metal?

Recycling ferrous metal with us is easy. First things first, you can easily request a quote by sending us a text of the scrap at 931-293-2360.

Once you’re in the yard, the process is pretty straightforward:

  1. Drive onto our truck scales and come to a complete stop.
  2. Stay inside of your vehicle while the clerk records your weight.
  3. Once the green light appears, pull forward slowly to let the radiation detectors scan your load.
  4. After the scan, drive to the back of the yard, and stay in your vehicle while an inspection is completed.
  5. Your inspector will direct you where to go to get unloaded. Again, stay in the vehicle during this process.
  6. Drive back to the scale, come to a complete stop, and wait for the green light.
  7. Grab your ticket, then go to the pay window to receive your payment! (You must provide a valid photo ID.)

Note for Alabama residents: We must report the tag number, make, and model of the delivery vehicle to the state.

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