Looking to Scrap Your Old Car, Truck, or Van in Fayetteville? Harmon Scrap Metal Can Help

We scrap vehicles for residents of Fayetteville, Madden Homes, Mayberry Courts, Elmwood Terrace, Elk Mill Village, Creson, Wells Hill, Gethsemane, Skinem, Douglas, Lawrenceburg, Franklin, Madison, and more. Count on us for all of your scrap metal recycling needs.

If you have an old or broken down car that can’t be driven anymore, no worries… it can still be recycled! Here’s what happens when you take your car in to us.

What Happens When I Recycle My Car?

  1. We’ll inspect the car, looking for and removing any hazardous materials.
  2. The car is fed into a shredder, turning it into fist-sized pieces of metal.
  3. The metal is sorted by metal type.
  4. The scrap is sold to a steel mill, where it is made into new steel.
  5. The recycled steel is made into new cars, buildings, and other items we use everyday.

For guidelines on our specific procedures and requirements when recycling a vehicle, visit our scrap metal recycling page.

We’d Love to Serve You Soon

Let’s get started. Get rid of your scrap by visiting us today or, if you have questions, please reach out. We’ve been helping home and business owners throughout Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama for years, and we’d love to help you too.

If you live in or somewhere near Egam, Highland Rim, Rolling Hills, Hendersons Subdivision, Harms, or Park City Heights, give us a call at 931-293-2360, text for a quote, or contact us online today.

Living in Franklin, TN means you can benefit from all the expertise and experience provided by our crews throughout our entire service area.